Mr. Schlemmer prides himself on providing high quality legal support to his clients, and welcomes co-counsel arrangements for other attorneys and law firms. Over the years, Mr. Schlemmer has collaborated with countless lawyers across the U.S., resulting in significant fees to those attorneys. His expertise in personal injury can help lessen the learning curve for collaborating counsel, saving time and money.

Mr. Schlemmer has extensive trial experience in handling complex injury cases, making him uniquely qualified assist you in a collaborative arrangement. Whether you need assistance with a case out of your jurisdiction or practice area, The Schlemmer Firm can assist you.


The Schlemmer Firm welcomes referrals. Referral fee arrangements can negotiated into an agreement that makes good business sense for all parties. Considerations will be taken into account such as the level of involvement of the referring party, liability issues, and the potential damages involved. Once a case is referred, you can trust that the clients are treated with the highest level of customer service and respect.


If you need local counsel for a case in the New York or New Jersey area, contact the Schlemmer Firm for assistance at 212-390-8030 or toll free at 888-458-8500.

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